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  • Casper Beyer

    Casper Beyer

    Indie Game Developer, Professional Software Developer and Expert Jak Shaver. Working on Deno.

  • Syrup


  • Node.js


    Node.js is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform. https://nodejs.org/en/

  • Chris Coyier

    Chris Coyier

    Designer @CodePen. Writer @real_css_tricks. Podcaster @ShopTalkShow. Lead Hucklebucker.

  • Than Tibbetts

    Than Tibbetts

    Web developer. Currently at TED.

  • Medium


    Everyone’s stories and ideas

  • Paul Irish

    Paul Irish

    The web, performance, and tooling. Also ❤z.

  • Lukas Steyer

    Lukas Steyer

    I’m a Web UI/UX Designer, Front-end Dev and Wannabe-Blogger. Also student of OnlineMedia who’s always interested in #Webstandards & #Webtrends.

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